US Senate approves $13.6 billion package for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine


The US Senate has approved a $13.6 billion emergency package in the military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine and its European allies.

“We promised the Ukrainian people that they would not fight against Putin alone,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said shortly before the vote, reiterating that “we will pass this funding in no time, and we keep that promise.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the approval “proves once again that members of both parties can come together to achieve results for the American people,” which has been very rare in recent years.

About half of the aid is aimed at arming and equipping Ukraine and covering the costs of sending US troops to Eastern European countries that feel threatened by the war in neighboring Ukraine.

Much of the package is for humanitarian and economic assistance, and will strengthen regional allies’ defenses and protect their energy supplies and cybersecurity needs.

Aid to Ukraine is part of a general package of 1.5 trillion dollars, which was approved by 68 votes in favor and 31 against.

However, in what was a setback for President Biden and Democrats, the House of Representatives withdrew the $15.6 billion from the Covid-19 package.


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