‘Biggest blasts we’ve ever seen’ captured on camera in Kyiv during Russian invasion


CBS journalists captured video of the explosions that shook Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv Wednesday night.

Charlie D’Agata had just finished his live broadcast when the camera kept rolling – meaning that huge flashes from Russian bombs lit up the sky seconds after he finished talking.

D’Agata was studying the camera when the first wave of yellow light hit the sky behind him, causing him to ask: “What the hell was that?”.”””

I thought it was almost like lightning. There was a big flash.”

In seconds, there was another, larger burst of yellow light, which prompted D’Agata and his team to yell and crouch under the camera for safety.

After the light faded, an ominous boom was heard in the background and the camera shook.

“That was close,” D’Agata can be heard saying from the side. It was close enough to see the flash.”

After being posted from Kyiv at around 2am, the 50-second clip was viewed more than 1.5 million times.

On Twitter, producer Justine Redman hailed the clip as the “biggest blast we’ve ever seen”.

A few other tweets shared this sentiment:

At least a million Ukrainians have fled the warzone as of Thursday, according to the UN (making it the fastest mass exodus of the 21st century).

Ukrainian officials say approximately 2,000 people have died in the conflict since it began a week ago, while the Kremlin says 498 Russians have been killed.

The International Crime Court promised on Wednesday that it was already looking into an investigation around the potential war crimes committed by the Kremlin in Ukraine, after the UK and 37 other countries referred Russia.


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